My Exciting News

Hello my friends! I have been training hard and running mud runs for years now.  I have been teaching fitness classes for a year or two.  Someday soon I will even be taking on personal clients.  One thing that has made a huge difference in my training has been BCAAs (Branched chain amino acids).  I wrote briefly about … Continue reading My Exciting News

Quick and Dirty Workout Week III

Need to freshen up your quick fix? Let's try a new workout for this week. To learn about the app and setup I recommend, check out Week I You can also find week II here. Again, I'm sticking with our 20/10 4 minute rounds and I'm alternating a couple of moves through each set.  This … Continue reading Quick and Dirty Workout Week III

Quick and Dirty Cardio

Need to get a little something in and have no time?  Do you have 5 minutes?  10?  Then you have time for SOMETHING.  People who are serious about their health make time for exercise.  If you want to take your health seriously stop making excuses and try this out. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is … Continue reading Quick and Dirty Cardio

When the beat drops….I drop (weight)

I recently met someone who was against music during a workout.  Who is this guy?! I LOVE music for my workouts...usually it's an up-tempo beat; hard rock does the trick for me.  When I'm alone in the gym I pretend like I'm in one of those motivational workout videos you see on youtube.  You know the kind I'm … Continue reading When the beat drops….I drop (weight)