More Breakfast!

Did I mention that I LOVE breakfast foods? So maybe I did.  Then it shouldn't be a surprise that I have another delicious meal to share. As with most people life gets busy.  We are all finding it more and more difficult to make time to cook, especially in the morning for breakfast.  At the same … Continue reading More Breakfast!


Garnish Your Plate, Feel Fancy

I made a breakfast the other day that was out of this world!  Not only did it taste good but it looked great too.  I'm pretty sure that by taking the time to garnish the plate the omelette tasted better than it normally would have.  It's nice to feel pampered, to feel fancy. In my … Continue reading Garnish Your Plate, Feel Fancy

Home-mmm,mmm,mmade Bars

Occasionally I like to make my own "power-bars" to munch on. They aren't guilt-free but they are a healthy snack to enjoy periodically.  The bars are high in fat but they contain good fats and Omegas.  They are high sugar but mostly from natural sources.  I add chocolate to them to add to the delight … Continue reading Home-mmm,mmm,mmade Bars

Zing, Might Not Call Them AmaZING But Pretty Good

I have been absolutely terrible about posting lately.  I have been under a lot of stress personally and professionally.  I have also been reading a wonderful new book (I can't wait to share it with you!) Today's review features a bar I found at a grocery store called Zing!  Let's begin: Find them at: reading Zing, Might Not Call Them AmaZING But Pretty Good