Beauty Is a Beast

Since when did we have to choose to be EITHER a beast OR a beauty?  A powerful and fierce individual can also be beautiful, stunning, GORGEOUS.  Be SMART, be BEAUTIFUL, be a BEAST! What are a few powerful adjectives that you aspire to?


The Caveman Bar, Not a Caveman Diet Food

I forgot exactly where I found this bar but when I spotted them I couldn't resist trying these out.  I purchased the wild blueberry nut, dark chocolate cherry nut, and dark chocolate almond coconut. Check out the website at Nutritional Information Calories:200 Total Fat: 11g Saturated Fat: 1g Trans Fat: 0g Cholesterol: mg Sodium: 65mg … Continue reading The Caveman Bar, Not a Caveman Diet Food

NuGo Slim: High protein, Low sugar

My last few reviews of products (with the exception of Kind Bars) seem to have something in common that a great reader of mine pointed out: high sugar (Donna has a fantastic blog called Homemade Naturally, check it out sometime for some great chemical-free ideas). To address this, I went out looking for a low … Continue reading NuGo Slim: High protein, Low sugar

I’ve Been Nominated!

I have recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by lincahceria5.  Please visit the blog at The Liebster award gets it's roots from German as "Liebster" directly translates to "dearest."  The award given from blogger to blogger; in the eye of the nominator the awarded blog fits this quality.   It seems that there are several sets of rules … Continue reading I’ve Been Nominated!

How Cookies Are Best Enjoyed

Traveling frequently I practically live on cold cuts and carrots.  Every now and then I really enjoy a salad or a "You Pick 2" from a chain restaurant, Panera.   My personal favorite is the Asian sesame chicken salad with chicken noodle soup.  When I get this the cashier asks if I would like a bakery item … Continue reading How Cookies Are Best Enjoyed

My Glass Is Always Full

When I was in college I gained weight....REALLY gained weight.  It began in senior year of highschool; every other day I enjoyed a half-day. My best friend and I chose a new restaurant to dine in throughout the year.  We made a list of local eateries and drew randomly from a jar.  It hurt my wallet … Continue reading My Glass Is Always Full