Food Product Reviews


Ever see something new in the grocery store but didn’t want to try it in case it was awful and a terrible waste of your money? Me too.  That’s why I decided to begin reviewing some of them.

I’m going through “health food” items and giving them my own amateur/subjective review.  I try to incorporate ratings based on the appearance, taste, availability, company profile, and of course, the nutritional aspect.  As a reader I hope that you find these reviews helpful but please keep in mind that my opinions are just that.  We all experience different tastes and feelings regarding what renders a food “healthy.”  In fact, every now and then I might just throw something unhealthy in there because I feel like it. Either way, if you have something to recommend please message me, I’m excited to learn about what’s new around your location.  Since I’m in New England I’m limited by my region to what is out there.  I bet there are some great new products throughout the country that don’t make their way here.



Paleo People

Healthy Warrior Chia Bar

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