Habits and Celebrating Others

A friend of mine, "T," messaged me yesterday to catch up.  We haven't seen each other in years, but that doesn't mean anything; the two of us share a connection, a drive, and so much more than that. For many years T and I have struggled back and forth developing ourselves, our careers, and developing … Continue reading Habits and Celebrating Others


Spinning My Wheels

Journal Prompt: What motivates you in life? What makes you want to wake up each morning? What is your life’s purpose? I have an inkling that I am not the only person who seriously struggles with these questions. I have been pondering this question since I presented it to my group several days ago.  I truly … Continue reading Spinning My Wheels

What You Think You Become

Journal Prompt: What are some behaviors, habits, and relationships you could choose to engage in that would give you energy and mental, spiritual, or physical health? I particularly love this prompt because it is something that we should actively think about every day.  Success is a choice and we must practice successful behavior. Tai Chi or … Continue reading What You Think You Become

I’m a Brickhead

The next journal prompt of this series makes me feel like such a brickhead. Prompt: Are you really too busy to change your habits?Do you spend hours in front of the computer or television?  If you took a “media fast” how much time would you have to connect with friends, exercise, and find better foods? … Continue reading I’m a Brickhead

Catching Up

I've been naughty. In my health support group I have posted journal entries and never actually journalled myself so I'm catching up now. Journal Prompt: What are the top 3 emotions or mental habits that keep you from your health goals? Depression/anxiety: My depression often gets me into long periods of sadness about a bleak … Continue reading Catching Up

Keeping a Journal….Dear Diary….

Seriously though....I'm beginning a journey to reclaim my health.  Only 3 years ago I was in the best shape of my life and now I'm at my worst.  I began a support group on Facebook and as we prepare for our diet changes I've begun us all on a journal challenge.  While some choose to … Continue reading Keeping a Journal….Dear Diary….