Garnish Your Plate, Feel Fancy

I made a breakfast the other day that was out of this world!  Not only did it taste good but it looked great too.  I'm pretty sure that by taking the time to garnish the plate the omelette tasted better than it normally would have.  It's nice to feel pampered, to feel fancy. In my … Continue reading Garnish Your Plate, Feel Fancy

Home-mmm,mmm,mmade Bars

Occasionally I like to make my own "power-bars" to munch on. They aren't guilt-free but they are a healthy snack to enjoy periodically.  The bars are high in fat but they contain good fats and Omegas.  They are high sugar but mostly from natural sources.  I add chocolate to them to add to the delight … Continue reading Home-mmm,mmm,mmade Bars

Breakfast is the Best-est!

I could eat breakfast every meal every day, in fact I have had breakfast 19 meals in a row before.  Between eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, fruits, cereal, and ham I can devour a "breakfast" any time of day. Since I've been working on getting back into my regimen I recently made a low carb breakfast easy … Continue reading Breakfast is the Best-est!

Better For You Chai Tea

Have you ever tried the chai at Dunkin Donuts?  DELICIOUS.  Part of how I gained so much weight at the end of last year involves an addiction to this sugary tea.  I would have one almost every day...YIKES! One of these drinks includes: Calories: 330 Fat: 8g Carbohydrate: 53g Sugar:45g Protein: 11g I've gone months … Continue reading Better For You Chai Tea

Diet on the Go

I travel frequently for work, staying in a different hotel three nights per week minimum.  Eating healthy can be a challenge for traveling gypsies like this girl so planning is often required.  When possible, I like to prepare my meals beforehand; but...that gets REALLY old.  One longs for a variety and something warm that was … Continue reading Diet on the Go