New Toys, Happy Me

That moment when you see something that’s too good to pass up despite your limited financial resources.

I like to think that Zac and I are very good with our money and use it responsibly. We often lean toward the frugal side, especially now that we have a mortgage to worry about.  The other day when I was on Facebook a friend of mine was offering a kettlebell set for sale; I of course inquire about it. As you might know kettlebells are one of my number one favorite tools for training.

After a brief discussion Zac and I decided this set was worth scrambling to get the money for.  We think of it as a crazy Valentine’s day gift to each other.  The price was extremely reasonable and we simply couldn’t walk away from it.

Tonight we brought home the kettlebell rack with 13 kettlebells, rollers, two sandbags, an extra suspension trainer (like TRX), a Bosu ball, yoga mat, weighted rod, extra training gloves, and the Lebert Equalizer all for our gym.

To say I’m excited is putting it lightly. I’m ecstatic!

I’m pretty satisfied with all of my training tools I have in the arsenal. I still need to bring home my resistance bands, slamball, and undulation rope from the barn, too. Plus we also have some barbell sets ready to come home at some point.  I think we have enough to make a little training area outside as well now!  I know I don’t NEED all of these things to have a great workout but it sure makes things a lot more fun!

Now all I need is a good old tractor tire. Too bad I don’t live near a ton of farms. Oh wait….


Anyone want to come work out?


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