Mental Rebalancing

So this really isn’t about dieting.  It’s not about fitness.  Life doesn’t have to be that way 100% of the time and this blog really doesn’t need to be either (because I say so).  Instead I want to discuss sanity and mental health.

I adopted my cat, Kain, five years ago from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.   Little did I know back then what an amazing life I’d have with him.  From his cage in the shelter he was lonely and scared.  We got to know each other and he really didn’t care much for me; he was so stressed he was shaking.  I brought him home that day.


Over the years Kain and I have developed a deep connection; I’ve always been great with animals but this is a whole new level. Kain is my shadow and follows me around the house, always wanting to make sure I’m in his line of vision. My true soul animal.

I rough house with him sometimes (he’s a big cat he can take it) and he allows me to do ANYTHING to him.

Every morning we enjoy breakfast and a cuddle..

When I’m upset he’s by my side.

Anytime I’m laying down or sitting he’s there with a big happy smile on his furry face.


Why do I bring him up?

It’s important to have good things in your life to be thankful for.  Kain is one of the many great things in my life and he certainly helps me keep me mentally balanced.

I’ve been really stressed out these days.  Buying a new home.  Finances. Family.  Trying to find a place I belong at work.

Kain makes it better.  One special moment at a time.


Do you have a special animal in your life that centers you?


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