Thriving for Thirty Update

I haven’t written in all of November but I haven’t forgotten my pledge to be thriving for thirty.  Thanksgiving did put a kink in my plans so I’ve only been able to get and keep off October’s goal.  I haven’t been wonderful in the exercise but this week I started back up.

One of the most difficult things for me is using how busy I am as an excuse.  There’s always something going on and I need to stop making excuses for it.

To end my update positively I have been stellar at all of my other goals for Thriving for Thirty.  I have been able to spend time with family more and I’ve been riding regularly once a week.

Going into December I see some possible setbacks coming but I can plan for it (sort of).  For one thing our schedules are in flux and waiting for some other people to do their job.  After that’s done I’m going to have some big news.

To avoid making excuses I’m going to make exercise more of a priority this month.  I’ve added pushups to my bathroom routine (I’m Doing a Thing) and it feels great.  On Tuesday I added 60 pushups and 125 squats to my day.  Imagine if I do that every day!

What are your plans for December?

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