I’m Doing a Thing

In the spirit of making new challenges and new habits I started a thing…

Every time I go to the bathroom at work (provided there are no others in the restroom) I also do 25 squats or 50 lunges.  It’s a small enough number and I do them quickly but make sure to maintain good form.

By the end of my shift I go home having done an extra 125-150 squats per day.  Do it 2 days? You’re getting 300 squats.

If you did this every day you’d be getting over 1000 squats every week….just by using the bathroom!  I’ve been starting out with just 2-3 days…and I’m not complaining about the 300-450 squats I get in every week.

I’ve noticed a huge change in my strength in only 3 weeks of doing this.  Yes I am also working out but the unique and quirky bathroom sets have certainly made an impact on my progress, and it feels great.


One thought on “I’m Doing a Thing

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