Thriving for Thirty Week 3 Update

Only two weeks ago I launched my “Thriving for Thirty” initiative.

I set out to

  • Lose the weight that I’ve gained over the last 3 years (60-65 pounds)
  • Maintain some great relationships with friends and family
  • Make better use of my finances
  • Be a more happy individual


I could have easily called this “Thin By Thirty” but it’s so much more than losing weight and getting fit again.  In the past I’ve made fitness my only priority and in my drive to be in the fitness world I allowed relationships to go on the wayside.  Thriving By Thirty is about balance; about truly thriving and loving the skin I’m in along with the world around me.  Most importantly it’s about being present and paying attention to what really important in life.

I have long term goals for this plan but I’ve also made some short-term milestones. For example, I broke October up into 2 parts…Weeks 1/2 and weeks 3/4.

My goals for week 1/2:

  • Eat healthy 5 days/week
  • Pilates 4 Days/Week
  • MiniRoutine 3 days/week (50 crunches/50 Jumping jacks/50 squats)
  • Horseback Rdining 1x/week
  • <$25 personal spending/week (Including any food not brought from home)

It’s not much but that’s the point. I’m establishing a do-able starting point for myself. The first week I missed a couple goals.  I only managed 3 pilates days and I overspent by a couple dollars. I did, however, get in an extra 100 squats and 200 lunges.

Week 2 went much better.  I acheived all goals and only spent $10.  I also got an extra day of horseback riding, I went to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio, and got an extra 200 squats and 300 weighted leg lifts.

So far in the first two weeks I’ve taken off 6 pounds.

I am moving into week 3.

For the next two weeks the goals are quite similar:

  • Eat healthy 5 days/week
  • Pilates 4 days/week
  • Mini Routine 3 days/week (50 crunches, 50 pushups, 25burpees)
  • Horseback Ride 1x/week
  • < $25 Personal Spending

The only difference is my mini routine where I added a different challenge.  By getting my body slowly back into the routine I am reaping the benefits and feel great.

Does it feel great knowing what I used to do? No, but I cannot think about that. Instead, I can choose to see this as an opportunity.  My body has returned to “beginner” level and this is the level where the greatest change takes place.  Why not use that to my advantage?


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