Habits and Celebrating Others

A friend of mine, “T,” messaged me yesterday to catch up.  We haven’t seen each other in years, but that doesn’t mean anything; the two of us share a connection, a drive, and so much more than that.

For many years T and I have struggled back and forth developing ourselves, our careers, and developing our healthy lifestyles.  Over the last three years I have slipped into an unrecognizable form of myself; I hadn’t been a great friend to anyone let alone myself.  I have been so upset with myself for losing what I worked so hard to achieve that my spirit and confidence were shot.  Reaching out for help and being extroverted doesn’t come naturally for me.  It is a struggle for me when I’m at my best and it’s one of the reasons why my friend is so wonderful and why we need to take a moment to celebrate her.


The last time we were together in 2015.

T has a way to bring a person out of his/her shell.  She is one of the most genuine and sincere people I have ever met.  This year has been amazing for her; she’s met a great man and they are to be married this month.  But it all goes deeper…

We have struggled with ours careers and healthy habits together for years.  Over the last 12 months T has told me she’s been slowly making gradual changes in her lifestyle that have accumulated to some extraordinary changes.  It’s what we hear but we never really do it.

But T did.

T has been making gradual changes in her lifestyle…adding exercise, sleeping better, adding in better foods, narrowing her eating window.  In her message yesterday she mentioned that she’s been getting compliments.  What a great feeling it is when someone notices your hard work!

I also noticed that T has been very focused on enjoying life and the people in it rather than focusing everything on her health.  Yes, it’s a priority, but I see the happiness the other parts of her life has brought her and it’s inspiring.  Because of T I have committed myself to my own small changes.  What these changes are I have yet to truly determine but I am once again motivated to take action…and I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

When I think about what she tells me, what she’s been doing, and all of her adventures it fills me with joy and ambition.  So take a moment with me to celebrate her.  Bless her betrothal, applaud her accomplishments, and salute her future achievements to come.

2 thoughts on “Habits and Celebrating Others

  1. I am very introverted so I really relate. As you are looking for the changes you need to make, my greatest strides have come when I focus on remaining grateful and expressing my gratitude. Celebrating your friend T is a good example of that!

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