I Hate Those Sayings

We all have a few sayings that come to mind….the kind of sayings that you LOVE because they are true and empowering….

                                                                               …..if you feel like being empowered

The same exact saying can really bug you if you’re not feeling up to snuff that day.  That saying makes you roll your eyes and get agitated because you know their truth but you don’t want to right now.  The phrase taunts you and pokes at you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and fix whatever issue you have.  Some days we just can’t be bothered.

Have any of those mottos in mind?

We’re all given the same amount of time in the day”

We complain that we don’t have enough time to get X, Y, and Z done.  For example, things on my “list” include:

  • Get more restful sleep
  • Spend time with my boyfriend
  • Find more time for family
  • Ride/See my horse regularly
  • Workout More
  • Finish reading Game of Thrones
  • Continue my weekly grocery/meal prep routine
  • Launch and maintain my new blog, “The Green Horseman”

I could make the list longer but these are my current goals.  I’ve been having a hard time juggling it all, especially with my current occupation and side-work.  At first the motto would make me grouchy;  I couldn’t do it all.  Something woke up inside of me last week and I finally got inspired.  I remembered this saying and instead of  being lazy about it I started thinking of ways to use the time better.

Sometimes you need to think outside the box

  • Are there any goals that can be done simultaneously so that I can accomplish eveyything?
  • Do I truly not have enough time or am I being lazy? Am I Netflixing too much? Am I on facebook too much?
  • Are any of these goals able to be postponed or removed? What is their level of importance?

Once I asked myself these questions I realized that I can in fact group some of my activities together.  For example:

  • I borrowed Game of Thrones audiobook from my library: Now I can drive to work, workout, or meal prep while “reading” the series
  • When the weather allows I spend time with Blade (my horse) while I work out
  • Instead of sitting idly at a table during lunch I’ve begun using the hour to write, brainstorm, and work on my blog
  • By doing all of this I am opening up some time to get some more sleep (if only 30-45 minutes)

It’s your turn….

What are some of your goals that you say you want to accomplish?  What is holding you back? If you think outside the box what can you do to streamline your habits?

5 thoughts on “I Hate Those Sayings

  1. The quote is true, but I like your practical tips much more. My long term writing projects tend to get crowded out by Facebook, blogging, emails, etc. but I’ve had success on the days when I work on those writing projects first thing in the morning – before I even open email, FB or blogs. Nice to meet you! Looking forward to The Green Horseman!

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  2. Your ideas for time organization are good and I think they should work well. I am now retired and to be honest I am busier than I was when I was working so I have had to learn some time management skills! And to set priorities.

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    • Thank you so much. I’ve been known to run myself ragged. And Senior year of college I average two hours of sleep a night and the first year out of college I was so busy and my immune system was so shot that I got mono. I take better care of myself now but people still worry LOL

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      • Yes, I’ve had time to learn. I work overnights bow though so my body is quite challenged with that. I went from Tuesday at 4pm to Thursday at 9pm with 4 hours of sleep but then made up for it with 12 or 13. It’s a bizarre schedule but I do what I can and I make sleep a priority….even if my body doesn’t want to sleep I lay in bed and closing my eyes.

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