Spinning My Wheels

Journal Prompt: What motivates you in life? What makes you want to wake up each morning? What is your life’s purpose?

I have an inkling that I am not the only person who seriously struggles with these questions.

I have been pondering this question since I presented it to my group several days ago.  I truly don’t know my life’s purpose and it is something I struggle with.  If I knew I might actually have a goal to focus on.

The problem is…I want to do it all…and still have time to do nothing at all some days.  I am often spreading myself too thin and I crave my solitary moments.

  • My self-doubt and fear of failing often hinders me from pursuing my passion in both fitness and animals.  I am so independent that I don’t know how to take these risks because so much relies on my current income.
  • I want to be beautiful
  • I want to be a great mom, a great wife, and a great daughter
  • I want to love myself

I want to hear from you.  Have you figured out your life purpose?  When and how did you come to realize what your life’s purpose is?

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