What You Think You Become

Journal Prompt: What are some behaviors, habits, and relationships you could choose to engage in that would give you energy and mental, spiritual, or physical health?

I particularly love this prompt because it is something that we should actively think about every day.  Success is a choice and we must practice successful behavior.

  • Tai Chi or Meditation:  I have been wanting to learn Tai Chi for a long time now.  I recently sought out a school and I’m waiting for a class to become available.  Until then I can use video instruction.  When I can join a class it will help me form more networks in my community and it will be wonderful for my mental and spiritual health.
  • Positive thinking: I often put myself down.  When I have an idea I instantly find flaws with it and shoot it down.  I have a tendency to be self-defeating and it really gets me nowhere.  Changing this attitude is harder than it sounds but it will be incredible for all aspects of my life.
  • Scheduling:  I would like to get into a habit of scheduling me-time so that I can simply be me and make sure that I get what I need in order to recharge.  I also want to get in the habit of scheduling time to clean my house, work on my goals, and exercise.  This will help me direct my actions so that I’m not binging on Netflix all night long.

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