I’m a Brickhead

The next journal prompt of this series makes me feel like such a brickhead.

Prompt: Are you really too busy to change your habits?Do you spend hours in front of the computer or television?  If you took a “media fast” how much time would you have to connect with friends, exercise, and find better foods?

The truth of it is yes, I often am too busy on the days that I work.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  I work 12 hour shifts but work will often consume 13-13.5 hours per day.  I also work for my trainer in exchange for lessons which takes 1 hour.  If I aim for 8 hours per night that puts me at 22 hours leaving under 2 hours for other things, including preparing for work.  On the days I work it is often very difficult to do anything else, and I often miss out on sleep.

What I will admit, however, is the way I spend my days off.  I often spend way too much time binging on Netflix.  Since I am on nightshift I find it difficult to do much else.  If I were to turn Netflix off for a week I might have a clean house and I would probably begin my workout DVDs again (or go use my new heavy bag).

I don’t know that a media fast would be beneficial for me in connecting with friends.  I tend to be in introvert so I’m not one to reach out to people whether I’m lonely or not.  I plan to eliminate some of my Netflix so that I have time for housecleaning and exercise.

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