New Job, New Routine

I recently began a new job so I’ve put writing on the back-burner.  The job is pretty great and I’m getting used to working nights (6pm – 6am).  Since I started the job my diet has been part time and my exercise hasn’t really been there.  I’m beginning my third week on night shift so it’s beginning to become routine and I’ve been thinking about how to work my schedule to my benefit.

One of the amazing benefits of my job is the onsite 24/7 fitness center.  It features an aerobics studio (that offers classes sometimes), free weights, TRX, cardio machines, ergs, and several other tools that I love using in my workouts.  I went down there last week during lunch and did 20 minutes of cardio.  Now I just need to develop a plan and actually execute it.  Remember failing to plan is planning to fail!


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