Making the Plan

This is only day 2 of my latest journey back to my fitness but I feel upbeat.  Gaining control over one’s diet is the most difficult thing in obtaining a desired body.  It’s all too easy to reach for the things that provide immediate gratification.


I weighed myself this morning and I am exactly where I expected to be, so my body awareness still seems to be pretty accurate; which is good.  I may not be satisfied with where I am but having awareness over myself and my abilities is critical to prevent injury, sickness, and ultimately failure.  My body hasn’t been out of shape that long relatively speaking so I believe the neurological pathways still exist to retrain and rebuild new muscle; shredding the fat that has become of the old muscle tissue.

Yesterday I under-ate by a couple hundred calories.  Not because I wanted to but because I simply didn’t feel the need to.  Since I’ve been here before I expected the uncontrolled cravings today as a result.  This is helping me increase my fluids because I have a tenancy toward chronic dehydration.  To fight the cravings I’ve actually starting to get the fluids my body needs.

My goal PLAN for this week is to gradually tame my diet and begin my routine.  I have designed an equestrian’s fitness program and I begin tomorrow.  In addition I am actually going to ride my horse more and get back to my yoga and pilates.



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