Getting Back Into A Routine


As humans with lives and careers we can only expect to have things happen that get out routines out of whack.  I am going through this very thing at the moment and finally starting to turn it into a routine.

I’ve recently adopted a horse, left my job and started with a new career focus, lost my grandfather, and picked up more clients (fitness coaching).  More details to come as I am beginning back to my writings.

What are some of the things that have gotten you out of your routine?  What did you do to get around it?  Comment below or message me for discussion on how we can improve future routines!

2 thoughts on “Getting Back Into A Routine

  1. I try to live by the words of Bruce Lee – “be like water, it can flow or it can crash. Water can be a cup or it can be a bottle. Water is shapeless and formless. Be like water.” As long as cup of water is mixed with coffee, then I am set for the rest of the day.

    Sick family members or being sick yourself disrupts my routine. I have had to take the necessary steps to make sure I am healthy and I will not experience issues again. Same with other family members. Taking time out to go doctors office sets things back several hours. You miss 2 hours of work you have to make up before the end of the week, or dinner is pushed back a few hours unless you have a backup plan.


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