Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Learn Krav Maga

Krav maga is a practical street defense designed to end a violent attack quickly and efficiently.  While it’s been around for many years few know what it truly is.  I’ve composed a few reasons below for why you should never learn krav maga.


1.   It will never happen to you.

In 2013 there were 1,163,146 violent crimes reported in the United States.  Certainly it will never happen to you.  When you were 16 you said accidents will never happen to you when you start driving.  I bet you haven’t had one yet, right?

2.   You are peaceful

Well in that case, definitely do NOT learn krav.  The violent criminals out there will completely understand that you do not want any trouble and they will steer clear.

3.   You’re afraid and/or have low self confidence

Violent criminals choose to assault people who have confidence and look ready to fight. They like to “play the odds.”

4.   You don’t have time

In that case, don’t try krav maga.  You don’t need another thing on your plate even if it means preserving the life you’ve made for yourself.

5.   You train in a different martial art

Well then you must know everything there is to know about self defense, sensei. Krav maga is, after all, a blending of several disciplines and we all know that mixtures can never be quite as good. Who in their right mind would love a twist cone, sweet/salty, or chocolate/peanut butter?

6.   You can’t afford it

True, krav maga does have a price to it; therefore don’t learn it. Your Starbucks coffee, cigarettes, and fancy dinners take priority. After all, if you are hurt or killed you have health and life insurance.

7.   You’re out of shape, too young, too old, or have a medical condition

Just a reiteration that bad guys have hearts and won’t target you at all; they love risking their own safety going after people who CAN defend themselves.

8.   Because Martial Arts are all fake Hollywood crap

All that choreography is really well rehearsed, huh? I guess someone should tell that to the military personnel who use krav maga in the field. You’re right, krav maga must be fake since it never hurts when you get poked in the eye or hit in the groin.

9.   You don’t want to get hurt

Right on!  You don’t want to prepare yourself for a violent encounter; you are a soulful child who loves the element of surprise.

10.   I’m not a secret agent or active military

Statistics clearly show that 1,163,146 violent crimes were reported in 2013.  The U.S. must have a LOT of people working as secret agents.  Civilians NEVER get held up at gun or knife-point, robbed, and raped.

tumblr_inline_mx5zdr2RG61rfkellI hope I’ve properly warned you about some of the things you may encounter when attending a krav maga class.  You might gain self-worth, discipline, confidence, and you might make new friends.  It may be pricy in some areas but it is priceless when you can defend and save your own life; it may even save the life of a beloved family member.  If you come out of the land of rainbow unicorn farts and would like more information, please contact me anytime.  A brief background to Krav maga can be found in an earlier post from last October entitled Krav Maga! It’s a form of Yoga?  You can also check out Kelevra Krav Maga at http://kelevrakrav.com

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