My Exciting News

Hello my friends!


I have been training hard and running mud runs for years now.  I have been teaching fitness classes for a year or two.  Someday soon I will even be taking on personal clients.  One thing that has made a huge difference in my training has been BCAAs (Branched chain amino acids).  I wrote briefly about them in FRIED-DAY from October 2014, and  I will also add some more in depth information in the coming days. When I was looking for BCAAs I had tried at least 5 different brands.  Most of them were disgusting, cheap (you get what you pay for), and left solids on the bottom.  It was difficult to drink; and then I found Cellucor.  These worked very well, tasted great, and didn’t leave settled solids on the bottom of the shaker bottle.  I swear by my BCAAs for my workouts; without them I would be too sore to move the day after a workout.

This week I finally made another step in the next direction.  I am excited to announce Cellucor has accepted me as an affiliate for their products.

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can now visit the Cellucor website and use “SCRIBNER” at checkout to receive 25% off your entire order.  Not 5%, not 15%….25%!  Click on the cellucor logo to check out what they have to offer.

I recently saved $95 off my latest order of BCAAs.  In addition. I am trying a new pre-workout to help me cut fat and power my workouts, C4 Ripped.

If you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

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