A Little Lifting Limerick

As I was drinking my pre-workout shake

A nasty wet hiccup I did make

I tasted the powder

And then felt the power

As my muscles became more awake

Once I sipped my strength elixir

Of the tall shaker bottle mixer

I began with a getup

So I got all setup

With a weight that would crush a hipster

I really enjoy the training I do

As it makes me a person anew

Set after set

and rep after rep

I get stronger and fiercer than you


4 thoughts on “A Little Lifting Limerick

  1. G’day there, I just dropped in to thank you for recording a follow, it is such fun to meet another rhymer, I was beginning to think I was an out of date writer, but seeing your work I feel we are more a rarity, 😉

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    • Thank you for the kind words, Muzzy! I’ve been a part of Writing201 and it’s all about poetry this month. I really like the creativity it’s been pushing out of me. Otherwise my blog would be entirely science and tips.

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