Quick and Dirty Workout Week III

Need to freshen up your quick fix?

Let’s try a new workout for this week.

To learn about the app and setup I recommend, check out Week I

You can also find week II here.

Again, I’m sticking with our 20/10 4 minute rounds and I’m alternating a couple of moves through each set.  This week let’s focus on quick feet.


Set I:

  • Back and Forth Hops
    • Find a straight line on the floor.  It can be a crack in the sidewalk outside, a piece of tape, etc.  Stand facing this line, feet together, and hop back and forth over the line.  Do this as fast as you can.
  • Side-to-Side Hops
    • Stand with your feet together with the line to your left side.  Hop back and forth over the line.  Again, this is for speed.

Set II:

  • Sub-atomic pushup
    • Hold yourself in the basic plank position (Feet together, body flat, booty tucked, abs tight, arms extended straight under your shoulders).  Jump both feet in together as close to your feet as possible.  Quickly jump them back out and complete one pushup.  Do as many as you can.
  • V-up
    • Lay flat on your back, arms above your head, legs together and stretched out.  Exhale, tighten your abs, and lift your legs and arms simultaneously so that your body forms a “v.”  Keep your limbs as straight as possible.  If you cannot complete a V up alternate each knee and lift one leg at a time.

These moves are all extremely basic.  As we go we can start to build upon them.  It’s always good to begin with the basics.   Would you build a house before your foundation is solid?

Coming up next week I will give you something you can do using stairs.

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