How Cookies Are Best Enjoyed

Traveling frequently I practically live on cold cuts and carrots.  Every now and then I really enjoy a salad or a “You Pick 2” from a chain restaurant, Panera.   My personal favorite is the Asian sesame chicken salad with chicken noodle soup.  When I get this the cashier asks if I would like a bakery item for only 99 cents extra and I say “yes.”  I am handed a ticket to redeem at the bakery that day so I can come back and choose what I’d like after I’ve eaten my lunch/dinner.  Instead, I hand back the ticket and ask that it be given to someone else that day.

This isn’t the kindest thing I’ve done by any means but it’s something that I love doing.  I’m obeying my diet and still enjoying my cookie…only better.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nice Is as Nice Does.”

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