Quick and Dirty Cardio Week II

It’s Sunday once again so let’s revise our quick workout for you.  Changing your workout is called progression.  P90X will tell you it’s muscle confusion and it essentially is.  You get used to a particular workout.  We recommend our KFX class at Kelevra 2-3 times per week and there are 3 completely different workouts designed every week.  Our twelve week program builds from week to week.tumblr_m6hzxkQsxX1ro6lcqLast week I had you try out two 4 minutes sets.  Since we’re keeping it short I will be giving you the same time but lets give you a few different things to try out this week.  In order to get the app I suggested last time, please return to last week’s post here.

For your first set, I’d like you to start with jumping jacks again.  I love how this simple exercise pumps the blood through the body.  Alternate these jumping jacks with skater hops.

Skater Hops:

Jump to your right, land on your right leg.  As you land get low enough to touch the floor with your left hand.   Now jump off of your right leg as far to the left as you can, landing on your left leg and touching the floor with your right hand.  When your doing this keep your eyes up.  Focus on something about halfway up the wall.  This will help you keep your back flat.

For set two I want you to alternate pushups with bicycle crunches.

Try this a few times this week and let me know how you do!


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