Who is Fighting The Fat Kid?

For those of you just recently joining me on this blog, welcome.  I hope that you’ll follow this blog and find it entertaining, supportive, relatable, and informative.  Fighting the fat kid within is about confronting our inner demons and a journey to overcome our personal obstacles.

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Who is “fighting the fat kid within”?

In a way we all do.  For me, I picture a plump little child sitting in front of a giant chocolate cake.  The cake tastes good, distracts us from the negativity that surrounds us, and sends happy messages to our brain (temporarily).


I began using my blog as a tool to propel me further into the world of fitness and nutrition as a career.  My aim is to reach people all over that either work in this field already or who are on a mission to vanquish their own inner fat kid.  This has been a passion of mine since I was about ten or so.  My mom and I were hooked on Taebo, Zumba (when it first came out on VHS), pilates.  Studying and learning over the years has brought me to where I am today.  Fitness and nutrition is a passion of mine yet I still struggle with my own inner fat kid every day.


In my journey to achieve my own goals I plan to share with you the aspects of the health/nutrition industry in every form.  You’ll find:

  • Personal Experience: Triumphs and Challenges
  • Product Reviews
  • Debunk media’s hype using a scientific approach
  • Advice/tips for diet and exercise

Come along with me, I hope you’ll enjoy my quirky personality.  This journey isn’t just about me, either; Fighting The Fat Kid Within is meant to be interactive.  Please comment or message me with feedback and/or your own experiences.  Want to ask a question or request I cover a specific topic?  Even better.

9 thoughts on “Who is Fighting The Fat Kid?

      • Yeah my bf is always in the mood for something so I’m always baking and cooking things for us. Whether it’s something we made before or not. It’s fun to learn how to make new things. Also it helps for when we don’t want to eat too many calories. We used to go out to eat a lot. When we realized how easy it was to make our favorite food we started eating at home more often.


      • I’m the same way. My bf used to dine out a lot and I cook a lot so I ended up saving him a lot of $. I love cooking because I know exactly what’s used to make my food. Plus, there are some things that I simply make better than restaurants. 🙂

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