What Brought Me Here?

In my latest post you learned about the writer of Fighting the Fat Kid Within and I truly hope you do enjoy the variety of posts featured on this site.  Too much information is boring but who really cares about one person’s personal journey?  That’s why Fighting is aimed at all of these while using a fun perspective.  But why “Fighting the Fat Kid Within?”


I am far from perfect.  I know exactly what I need to do in order to achieve my goals; unfortunately knowing and doing are different things.  Most of the time I am able to follow a healthy diet and a healthy workout regimen.  Every now and then there is another voice that tells me I NEED junk foodObviously I don’t need it, but this inner voice persists just as a little kid begs, pleads, and reasons with you.  Every day is another battle with the little brat and no matter HOW thin I get I will always be fighting with that fat kid.

Now, my tagline, is “I workout because I love food…a lot.” I do love to workout but it wasn’t always a FUN thing.  I still have days when I work out because I have to.  In order to enjoy some of the fun tasties like ice cream, cookies, cheesecake, etc.  I must counter it with some exercise.  Simple!


About sscribner07

Show me thoughtfulness and I'll show you a loyal friend; the person willing to bend over backwards for others. I am an introvert so I tend to keep to myself and hold my own insecurities and struggles within but I am always an open ear for a good friend. I am often energetic and upbeat with an extra serving of quirky. I love to "geek out" on science, particularly biochemistry and any science pertaining to health, nutrition, fitness, or animals. Although I struggle with weight issues and a serious sweet tooth I really enjoy fitness...horseback riding, kickboxing, pilates, and HIIT training are my favorites. I also have that crazy horse woman gene...the kind that makes us eat sleep and breathe horses....but at least I admit I'm crazy, right?
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6 Responses to What Brought Me Here?

  1. bhart2015 says:

    You have my matra down! I love to workout but, I also have a sweet tooth and should weigh about 500 pounds! Thank goodness for the gym!

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  2. lincahceria5 says:

    Do you also post exercise tips?


  3. Raspberry says:

    Keep on keeping on!

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