My Glass Is Always Full

When I was in college I gained weight….REALLY gained weight.  It began in senior year of highschool; every other day I enjoyed a half-day. My best friend and I chose a new restaurant to dine in throughout the year.  We made a list of local eateries and drew randomly from a jar.  It hurt my wallet and it hurt my waistline (but you cannot regret your choices in life).  Our college cafeteria served as a catalyst for weight-gain as it featured an all-you-can-eat atmosphere.  There was a grill, a deli, a taco bar, pizza bar, salad bar, soup bar, homestyle kitchen, Asian stir-fry station, and even a desert bar with ice cream, cake, and cookies.   When I visited home after the first year I had put on at least 50 pounds and my friends were seriously concerned for my health…physically and mentally.

[Are you okay? Really?]

Being this heavy made life miserable; every joint in my body hurt all the time.  I couldn’t stand being in my own skin.  I couldn’t love myself and I couldn’t love anyone else either.  People shied away from me because I was angry and hated everything near me.  Visiting my father was a true eye opener; I weighed more than my own dad.  Anyone who has been in their darkest times should know what I mean.  Every day was another reminder of what I had let myself become. 

[Who….WHAT is this thing in the mirror?]

During summer break I found an internship at a laboratory; the women I worked with were young and great role models for me.  They inadvertently  shaped the rest of my college career.  We ate healthy lunches, took walks during lunch break, and enjoyed healthy lifestyles.  As I returned to sophomore year at school I took up my favorite weight loss tool….the food journal.  I developed an excel program to track my calories (a modified weight watchers approach).  To everyone’s amazement I lost my first 30 pounds in the first semester.  The rest of my college career I continued to lose a total of 64 pounds.  Our campus doctor asked me to present to his weight loss class (We had that…you could even earn a credit for it).  I started being comfortable enough stepping into public to visit the gym.  I even attended my very first fitness class.  My mom and I always loved Taebo but I fell in love with the kickboxing classes offered at school.  We hit the bags and it’s exactly the type of workout the suits my body type.

[Strong, fierce, I can do this]

I think back to my deepest darkest moments and smile because had it not been for those years I wouldn’t be standing where I am today.  That time period was a necessary evil.  Not only have I risen from the hole dug but I have found new strength and self love.  It’s true I’ve gained some over the holidays but I am still healthy and fit.  I now teach a fitness class (I LOVE KFX) and I’m in pursuit of a fitness career.

[Let me guide you to your own fitness breakthrough]

There is a positive for every negative.  Is your glass half empty or is it half full?  My glass is always full; air is matter.

[Find the good even when it seems absent]

Think about a dark time in your life.  How has it shaped you in becoming who you are today?  What good can you take from it?  Feel free to share if you’re comfortable to do so, I’d love to hear from you!


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