Diet on the Go

I travel frequently for work, staying in a different hotel three nights per week minimum.  Eating healthy can be a challenge for traveling gypsies like this girl so planning is often required.  When possible, I like to prepare my meals beforehand; but…that gets REALLY old.  One longs for a variety and something warm that was recently made freshWhat’s a girl to do?

I did not have time to cook this week’s meals so tonight I bought a bag of steamer corn and a plain rotisserie chicken at Wegman’s, the magical grocery store.  Protein is a staple in my diet.  I train frequently and hard and I want to maintain my muscle mass (more muscle=higher metabolism).  Plus, protein also helps stave off hunger throughout the day.


Before I came back to my healthy side I prepared myself by making a “naughty” and “nice” list of foods.  I have it in print so no matter what, I know exactly what I am allowed to eat and what I’m not.

Today’s Progress:

  • 11:00
    • Kind Protein Bar (Almond and Apricot)
      • 180 cal/23g carb/3g protein/10g fat
  • 12:00
    • Epic Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar
      • 200 cal/10g carb/11g protein/12g fat
  • 13:00
    • Large Naval Orange
      • 87 cal/22g carb/2g protein/0g fat
  • 15:00
    • Kind Caramel Almond Sea Salt Bar
      • 200 cal/15g carb/6g protein/7g fat
  • 18:00
    • 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken (6 oz) plain, no skin
      • 380 cal/0g carb/39g protein/24g fat
    • 2 cups steamed organic corn
      • 300 cal/63g carb/9g protein/3g fat


  • GOAL: 1350 cal/135g carb/101g protein/45g fat
  • TOTAL: 1347 cal/133g carb/70g protein/65g fat

I’m not a calorie counter and the “goals” are very flexible.  I typically aim for high protein…as much as 1g per pound of lean body mass.  Today I opted for an extra Kind bar, which contributed to my overshot of the fat intake.  All in all I feel full and satisfied.

I have a few followers here that have recently begun their weight-loss journeys.  How did you do today?  What was great?  What was challenging?

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