When the beat drops….I drop (weight)

I recently met someone who was against music during a workout.  Who is this guy?!


I LOVE music for my workouts…usually it’s an up-tempo beat; hard rock does the trick for me.  When I’m alone in the gym I pretend like I’m in one of those motivational workout videos you see on youtube.  You know the kind I’m talking about…someone doing some sick exercise (high kicks, martial arts, exercise variations, anything) with a song added to the video.  That’s right…I imagine I’m in one of those and go “balls to the wall.”  Sounds goofy (which I am) but it works for me and I always get a good workout.

Some people love pop music, I know others who do classic rock or even the Beatles.   You may find that with a higher bpm around 120 or 140bpm and/or motivational content will improve your output and help stimulate your heart-rate while distracting you from the negative effects of fatigue.  Your sense of exertion will be much lower.


Some of my favorite picks that really Pump….Me…Up:

  • Halestorm: Freak Like Me (130bpm)
  • Skillet: Monster (135bpm)
  • Thee Days Grace: Animal I Have Become (122bpm)
  • Seether – Remedy (133bpm)
  • Breaking Benjamin – Dear Agony (125 bpm)
  • Shinedown – Enemies (136bpm)
  • Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare (130bpm)

These are just naming a small handful of my top picks.  Do you workout with music?  What do you enjoy?

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