Holiday Hullabaloo



My holiday season is finally coming to an end.  Instead of my usual relentless fight against the holiday gain (I have successfully lost weight in previous years) I allowed myself time for rest and delicious food.  I paid the price and I am now sitting at a hotel in Clearwater, FL preparing myself for the reality check when I return home.  I have been exercising but my true routine begins in full swing in a couple of short days.

Resolution?  No.  People aren’t successful with resolutions. It’s simply my return to what I love most; health.  I have gained a considerable amount this holiday season.  The pizza, mac and cheese, and cheesecake found places and clung on.  The thing about resolutions is that most people don’t plan for success.  If you think you can just wing it you’re crazy; some people can do it but it’s not the “norm.”

As I get back to it I have prepared by laying out strict rules about what times of day I can eat and what foods are allowed.  I will be returning to my journal to track sleep, water intake, food, exercise, and my subjective thoughts/moods.  My exercise is getting back into KFX at Kelevra.  Planning to win is essential.

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail”

-Winston Churchill

How much did you gain this season?  What are your plans? HOW will you succeed?  Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Holiday Hullabaloo

  1. That’s some nice looking food on your blog…sorry…drooling over the brownie photo. Anyway, I’m happy to say I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays. I can’t say the same for the weight loss group/challenge I started a couple of months back. Those poor saps have mostly given up. Not me!


  2. That’s actually a vegan brownie, believe it or not! 🙂 …and it was delicious! Kevin, it’s awesome that you fought off the holiday gain; I hope you enjoyed a little bit at least! It’s fun and necessary every now and then. I know how those groups can be, it’s really tough to keep people going over the internet. When I teach KFX to our customers the person-person contact is SO needed. This is your time to shine and either help push the group through or find a new one. Thank you so much for reading and participating!


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