Pushing Yourself

Okay…let’s do this.
Lace my sneakers, get on the treadmill, turn it on, start jogging, turn on some tunes.


Hell yeah, I’m going to own this workout today.  This is my jam! 
[Start rocking out]


Longer song than I thought….the fade out takes so long….next…don’t like this…nope not this one either…nah….not right now…ahhh, here we go.
[jamming again]


I’ve so much to do tonight.  I still have some emails to send….I don’t think I ever got that flu shot, I have to check my insurance…I’ll do that after.


I wonder what I should make for dinner tonight.  What’s in the fridge?  Crap, I didn’t thaw anything.  What’s on sale at the grocery store this week?  I’ll probably just bake some chicken breast, that’s easy enough….


I’m bored with this how much longer??


Ughhh.  Maybe I’ll cut this short and do some after the pushups…no who am I kidding that wouldn’t happen.  Come ON!!!!!  Stay with IT!!!!  Focus on the song…
[jam out a bit]


There’s a Christmas party this weekend.  I have to get gifts.  I have to make x, y, and z foods for the party.  How long will that take?  What do I need to pick up while I’m at the store?  I should make it tomorrow night so it’s freshest. 

What else is going on this weekend?  Oh right I have that appointment. 


I think you get the point.


I can’t be the only one with this experience, right? Running is not my forte.  Some can keep going and going but for me it’s a continuous pep talk.  Trail running works better for me but my rambunctious mind still does what it does.  If you’re like me at all you understand the battle.  You HAVE to push yourself.  Don’t quit, the feeling you get after is worth it.  Try running outside, run with a friend if you can, run in the woods, watch tv, listen to music.  Do what it takes.  PUSH.  Even if you’re running on your own you’re NOT alone.

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