Hurt vs. Pain: Working with Injury

My boyfriend recently underwent surgery (he’s fine) and is recovering.  Typically it isn’t unheard of for us to spend date night at our gym either working out or practicing krav maga.  We are both KFX instructors and he’s also a krav instructor so fitness is a huge part of our lives.  With this surgery he will not be able to work out hard for quite some time.  It will be four weeks until he’s allowed to lift 20 pounds and a slow ramp up from there.  How does one work around this?


As KFX instructors we work with people presenting a variety of injuries.  When you walk into my class with an injury we don’t tell you to go sit down and relax.  We figure out something that you CAN do safely.

Injuries tend to affect people differently.  To begin finding default exercises with a client we need excellent communication and honesty.  There is a fine line between working through discomfort and aggravating the injury causing more pain.  We have a client with a hip injury that, after consulting with a physician, was told to work through the discomfort.  If the pain increases that is an indicator to slow down.  We work through certain injuries in order to maintain function and improve the healing process.  In some cases this is necessary in order for the injury to heal correctly. In other cases this isn’t the issue and we find another way to give you an excellent workout while avoiding the injury.  Since we are not doctors ourselves we rely on a physician’s recommendation in order to provide you with the safest advice.

Injury is a serious matter that requires special attention.  People can tolerate different levels of pain and some can hide it well from personal trainers.  When your exercise changes from hurting (which is good….feel the burn) to painful you need to speak up.  We won’t kick you out but we want to keep you safe.

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