Sometimes It’s a Real Fight

It’s a grand prize fight tonight, folks!  This match is for more than the purse, it’s about control, power, and pride.  Two boxers with a lifetime feud are going toe to toe in a bout to go the distance.   They begin pawing at each other, a nice combination is thrown; this match is going to be a tough one.

How will this fight end?


If I didn’t write about the hard times it would appear that I don’t have any difficulty in achieving my goals.  You could think that I avoid sweets and work out regularly like I should.  If I did that I wouldn’t have named my blog “Fighting the Fat Kid Within.”  The reality is that I am human and I have cravings that sometimes win.  Just as I’ve over-trained myself several times in the past, I also get into terrible downhill spirals.

Lately I have been terrible about both my diet and my workout schedule.  I’ve had my plate full (literally and figuratively) between social life, work, and helping out with needed projects before the winter hits.  With my other priorities exercise and dieting has fallen on the wayside and I’ve really been feeling the effects of it.

Just how bad have I been?  Let’s talk pizza, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, chocolate milk, and brownies (and don’t forget the cake served at all of the family parties lately!).


I think about my life as a constant boxing match between myself and my evil inner fat kid.  When I’m healthy, happy, and the stressors in life in minimal I have a good advantage and I can get a lot of momentum.  I throw some nice combinations and have a mean hook that backs the “fat kid within (FKW)” onto the ropes.  As time moves on I begin to fade.  Something  ringside (life-event) distracts me; while my attention is divided FKW steps in with a sucker punch.  He comes in with a haymaker and I parry with a counterpunch.  We get caught up in a clinch and the fight goes on.

Boxing matches have several rounds.  You win some, you lose some, and eventually a winner of the match is decided.  It’s okay if FKW wins a round or two but you need to make sure to keep your guard up, bob and weave, and remain standing at the end of the match.  Don’t allow the one lost round to get the best of you.  Move on and stay in the fight.

Is your dieting and exercise life like a boxing match?  Who’s going to win the belt in your fight?

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