What Drives You?

My family and friends think I’m a weirdo.

I love obstacle races; since I was a tween I dreamed of going to either boot camp or “fat camp” so that I could do obstacles and have tough training sessions. I know that I need a tough challenging trainer to get through my own thick, stubborn skull.  I am so lucky to know Marc, the owner of our Krav Maga school, because he’s brought a lot out of me.  Thanks to Marc I’ve realized my strength and I only do pushups on my toes.  In addition, he was kind enough to show me what I need to do to conquer the Iron Maiden.  Since he’s so busy and I cannot possibly afford his time, so, I am slowly becoming the tough trainer I need for myself.  I consider myself to be “my first client.”


Warrior Dash 2014


Rugged Maniac 2013

Though obstacle races are my thing, I’m no runner.  Early in 2012 I condemned running as “bad for the knees.” Back then it had been roughly 7 years since I ran (jogged) and had no interest in the sport. When I went to a gym one day I found the treadmill to be the only piece of equipment available. I refused to walk out so I got my butt on the machine and slowly jogged a whole mile without walking or becoming overly winded. I was so impressed that I challenged myself to my first 5k. After training for 3 months I jogged my first 5k at the Color Me Rad in 2012. I only walked for 45 seconds as I passed through the final color station. This led to my new challenge; an obstacle race. For 2013 I would not only rerun the Color Me Rad, but I would also run the Rugged Maniac, an obstacle packed 5k. I chose the race because it offered the most obstacles per distance. Once again I nailed it.  With 2013 out of the way I continued to ask “what’s next?”


Color Me Rad 2012


Color Me Rad 2013

What’s Next?

Most personal trainers may ask you to avoid the extrinsic motivators like training for a race or for a particular date. I don’t agree completely with this. My thought is, if you constantly ask “what’s next” then you always have something to work for.  You need to





Insane Inflatable 5k 2014

I have to be honest; I’m still not much of an advocate for running. I typically only run for races. My preparation consists of strength and cardio in other forms. This doesn’t stop me from the “what’s next.” Once I succeeded with the 5k mud run I stepped it up a notch and committed to a 10k. Earlier this year I completed my very first 10k at the Down and Dirty Mud Run. This particular race was by far the most well organized race I’ve been to. The experience was 10 for 10. The people were amazing and very supportive. I was super please     d with myself as well. I have never run more than a 5k and I hadn’t run in 6 months. As I expressed before; I don’t like running. After training for 6 months with only KFX I successfully completed the entire 6.2 mile course and took no breaks along the way.


Down and Dirty 10k 201


  • 2012: First 5k
  • 2013: First obstacle course 5k
  • 2014 (first half): First obstacle course 10k
  • 2014 (second half): Iron Maiden
  • 2015: Spartan Trifecta (Sprint + Super + Beast)

What drives you? Are you working toward a goal right now?

If you’ve recently accomplished a goal, what’s next?


Rugged Maniac 2014

2 thoughts on “What Drives You?

    • Food related goals! YUM!
      Thanks for the support, I am addicted to these races and I’m waiting for the pictures from Maniac `14 to write more about it. There’s another 10k coming up in October that I’m signed up for.


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